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 "Ask Dr. Chakras" -- the e-bookAsk Dr. Chakras Transformed

Based on the award-winning web site, “Ask Dr. Chakras: Practical Advice on Personal Growth and Living Spiritually in a Material World” first appearing on the World Wide Web July 22, 2000.

Now available for immediate download — absolutely FREE — absolutely no strings attached!

All the same sage advice and insights that formerly occupied more than 50 separate web pages — the same wit and wisdom that before could only be viewed online — is now available in an attractive, easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate e-book format you can save, enjoy at your leisure and even share with countless others as my unconditional gift to you and the world. (Or you can still read it here online.)

Dr. Chakras (signature)

Ask Dr. Chakras the e-book includes:

  • Revised Introduction and Dedication

  • Four poignant, all-original Key Perspectives (revised!):
    • Relationships
    • Health & Well-being
    • Work & Wealth
    • Reality & Divinity
  • Q&A section with in-depth discussion of 30 separate topics (updated!)
  • Author's biographical information
  • Appendix of supporting, inspiring & additional esoteric material
  • NEW personal revelations & updated author commentary
  • 109 nicely-formatted, easy-to-read pages (over 38,000 words!)
  • Complete table of contents, including page-specific hyperlinks
  • Active links to referenced and supporting outside material
  • A unique experiment in "3rd Millennium Economics Consciousness"
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